Buffet of Memory and Anticipation
Buffet of Memory and Anticipation, 1992-99
Cast iron
10 elements, 14" h. x 5'-6" diameter each, with bases



The ten over-scale platters in this work are installed in a gently curving line determined by the space in which they are shown. They are accessible from both sides so that viewers naturally walk the length of the work. In its initial configuration, the bases were mechanized so that the platters revolved slowly at about the speed of dessert cases found in some restaurants and diners. The dull hum of the motors was an active component of the work. In more recent exhibitions, the platters have been stationary.

Buffet is an outgrowth of a single platter of the same design completed in 1992 that was exhibited filled with cast iron donuts. As multiples, I think they are more thought-provoking when they are empty: viewers imagine their function and wonder, on some level, why they exist: Are they waiting to be filled? Are they recently emptied? What is being offered? What have I missed?

Buffet of Memory and Anticipation